This Moment Publications

This Moment Publications is inspired by the human spirit, its strength, resilience, and genius.

Chasing a dream inevitably ushers in the moment when all the preparation, rehearsal, and prayers, must be set aside. The time to perform has arrived—to take the exam. Interview for the job. Walk onto the stage. Deliver the speech. Hit the ball.

We publish books that recount the true stories of men and women whose momentous challenges were outsized by their belief in themselves. These are ordinary people who envisioned a future radically different from their current circumstances then chose the path that would take them there no matter the obstacles they would be forced to confront.

Ultimately, the goal of This Moment Publications is to do more than celebrate the greatness others have found in themselves. Our books are also mirrors of a sort in which emotionally charged readers, reveling in the stories of men and women who transcended their limitations and accomplished seemingly impossible feats, will recognize a bit of themselves. In so doing, we hope our readers will imagine new possibilities and find renewed faith in what they can accomplish in their own lives. It all starts when they arrive at this moment.