The Foundation That Formed Madalitso and Bless•ed One

A personal note to Peter:
I’m There.

James Roth, Madalitso & Peter Muthiya

"A meaningful event cannot be fully appreciated by its witnesses unless they understand how history molded the key institutions and actors involved, and this includes the way that history shaped peoples' views."

- Peter Muthiya

The Histories

On July 23, 1950, Africans were enduring their five-hundredth year in a world that was focused on destroying them.

On July 23, 1950, Golf was enjoying its five-hundredth year as history’s game of royalty and science.

Behind the story of Madalitso Muthiya there are two contrasting histories – and truths long hidden. To understand why the life and career of Madalitso is profoundly heroic is to understand these two timelines. Download our companion to ‘Bless•ed One’ to read these histories.