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Madalitso Muthiya



USGA Herbert Warren Wind Award Winner • The Golf Channel Interview • 151st Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Course • British Golf Collector’s Society

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The Book

[mad-uh-LEE-tso], Ngoni language: 1. blessings;  2. one who is blessed

One shot.

​​​​​​​Centuries of false truths upended. An entire sport redefined. Madalitso Muthiya did both at the U.S. Open in New York on June 5, 2006, armed only with a glistening driver, inexplicable talent, and stern but loving tutelage from his father. His warm smile and casual demeanor cloaked a hardened determination that came from a life surrounded by disease and extreme poverty and enduring the awkward stares and quiet whispers that made him an outsider.

History was often his fuel. At other times, a lead weight chained to his golf bag. A burden he carried everywhere, to every tournament until his father’s voice exhorted him to let it go. ‘Just focus on what you need to do.’ 

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The Author

James Roth stood in stunned silence. A young attorney and policymaker, he came to Lusaka as part of an effort to strengthen Zambia’s relations with the United States. Increasing trade, investment and high-level diplomacy were all discussed in a long meeting with Zambian President Frederick Chiluba.

As everyone prepared to leave, President Chiluba spoke up, adding one more item to the agenda. In front of the hushed group, Chiluba stared into James’ eyes and asked a question that would change his life: “Will you help a young golfer named Madalitso Muthiya earn an athletic scholarship to an American university?” Although his brain shouted in protest, James broke the awkward silence with the only possible answer.

“Yes, Mr. President.”

Peter & Madalitso Muthiya

Peter knew that teaching golf was only half the battle. The world of golf would present more challenges than a downhill putt or a 50-yard pitch. His most valuable advice to his son would be a strategy that often guided the family through racism, oppression, and crippling poverty.

The History

On July 23, 1950, Africans were enduring their five-hundredth year in a world that was focused on destroying them.

On July 23, 1950, Golf was enjoying its five-hundredth year as history’s game of royalty and science.

Behind the story of Madalitso Muthiya there are two contrasting histories – and truths long hidden. To understand why the life and career of Madalitso is profoundly heroic is to understand these two timelines. Download our companion to ‘Bless•ed One’ to read these histories.

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